Blok by Carina | February 2023 Newsletter

Blok by Carina | February 2023 Newsletter

Projects to Inspire YOU!

Express Your Personal Style Through Colors and Textures

Reimagining Materials

As you probably already know from our previous newsletter – if you haven’t yet, we suggest you read it now! – we are working assiduously to create a memorable experience for our visitors at Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, taking place from April 18 to 23. And believe us, we have outdone ourselves this year!

The joint effort of Art Director Carina Riezebos and manufacturers Abet Laminati and Blok Plaatmateriaal, who have been collaborating since 2018, has resulted in a large-scale project presenting different materials in various contexts. The main goal is to valorise the aesthetic qualities of each medium, which are often overlooked at. Among other materials, the project uses Esacore LEM from the Metalleido family, a light panel composed of aluminium honeycomb and fibre glass epoxy skins originally developed for the stone sector. Abet Laminati, Blok Plaatmateriaal and Riezebos reimagined this product, opting for a more modern and less conventional application. By mimicking the original structure of the historical Giureconsulti Palace and playing with measurements and perspective, the beautiful installation embraces and comes together with its traditional surroundings.
We cannot say anything more for the moment, so you will just have to wait and see for yourself in Milan!

Our Colors, Your Story

Carina Riezebos and Jan Blok, director of Blok Plaatmateriaal, combined their knowledge and strength to develop their own veneer collection: ‘Black Veneer by Carina’. Composed of twelve specially selected types of wood from leading manufacturing company Decospan, it draws inspiration from nature to create a unique set of products. Thanks to their versatility, veneers can be used for flooring, wall paneling, doors, furniture, house décor items, and everything you can think of! Choose lighter tones for a calmer atmosphere, or darker ones for a sense of opulence and style.
Our personal favorites?

Yaya Black, Louro Preto
Eucalyptus Kerngerookt, Moeraseik

Riezebos is a fan of the ‘Yaya Black’, a dark wood with fragile grains. Very chic, especially when combined with the flame pattern which characterizes the ‘Louro Preto’. Blok’s pick? The ‘Eucalyptus Kerngerookt’, a smoked veneer in a rich deep brown color, and the ‘Moeraseik’, a dark grey-brown wood.

Limitless Combinations

While beautiful by itself, customers can now be inspired and combine their wood of choice with other media. Riezebos’ paint collection, in cooperation with Dutch label LAB PAINT from Vestingh, was designed to complement each veneer and help it stand out even more. With its 24 color options, ranging from neutral whites to bolder shades of brown and red, it offers endless combinations. Your imagination is the limit!

Head to our website to discover the full range and create your own unique pair!
*For orders and inquiries please contact us at 0251 – 342 506 or

Photo © Kim Vos

Luciana, A Golden Light In The Darkness

Isabelle Beernaert’s ‘Particles of God’ premiered earlier this year at the Concertgebouw in Bruges, Belgium.
The intriguing performance, which stimulates and pushes the audience to dive into their inner-self and to connect at a deeper and mystical level, brings out powerful and daring existential questions. We are all small parts in a greater whole, but we are also made up of parts that form that whole. How are all these particles connected? Is there a higher entity? It is up to the viewer to find the answers. But how?
This is possible through a peculiar sequence of movements, sounds and alternations between light and darkness, which create a multi-sensory cocoon in which spectators get absorbed and carried away. 
Chandelier ‘Luciana’, designed by Artist Carina Riezebos and Blok Plaatmateriaal, plays a pivotal role in creating this mystic athmosphere and contributes to an emotional and meaningful experience. Its elongated prisms in mouth-blown glass from Ajeto and HPL M5309 Alu-Relief Plex Goldton from
Homapal enrich the one-of-a-kind piece, making it the perfect scenic object to lighten this magical stage.
Let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world. 
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