imaginary world


As a sculptor Carina Riezebos has carved an imaginative object out of solid pieces of marble. The stacked balancing cubes create a playful kitchen cabinet which has been made out of Formica Colorcore® Compact, elegant marbled material of a new Formica collection which combines a veined surface with a through colored core. For this surrealistic stacked cabinet the designer combined materials from the Formica Decometal® collection, in gold, brass and brushed argent decors. The drawers made of Decometal have a golden and woven metal finish which are finished with glossy glass drawer knobs in the shape of wings. The inspiration of this was the surrealistic painting by Dali `Woman with drawers~, a human cabinet whereby the woman has a set of drawers in both her chest and legs. Rezebos` miraculous furniture piece is accompanied with glossy polished glass amuse spoons and striking napkin rings in matching tints of amber, gold, bronze and copper of the collection of Carina, also a mouthblown perfume bottle with a collar which fans out. With this inspiring kitchen setup the designer gives a sneak peak in her colorful imaginary world.