Island Gallery

National Project

The Island Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands, opened in December 2022 and showcases high-end interior design, photography, and art. The inspiring gallery features Blok by Carina’s unique creations, including ‘Eros’ and ‘Luciana.’ ‘Eros’ is a one-of-a-kind table, named after the Greek god of Love, made from FENIX NTM BLOOM, mouth-blown glass from Czech-based manufacturer LASVIT, and features golden details from the Homapal collection available at Blok Plaatmateriaal. The table’s deep red color, Rosso Askja from FENIX, perfectly complements the metallic inlays in HPL M5309 Alu-Relief Plex Goldton, creating a rich and luxurious piece. ‘Luciana’ is a majestic chandelier that hangs between two floors and illuminates the table, creating a spectacular and alluring space. The Island Gallery provides the perfect venue to display Blok by Carina’s contemporary and unique designs, which elevate the already modern gallery interior to an even more alluring and unique space.

Photos © Marco ter Beek



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