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‘Mercato’ is an on-site installation that was built for the occasion of Masterly the Dutch in Milano in 2023. This project is a collaboration between Blok by Carina and Stylist and Art Director Maarten Spruyt. The installation was designed with the goal of respecting and complementing the historical architecture and style of the facade of Palazzo Giureconsulti.

By emulating the design of the double columns of the arcade and playing with proportion and scale, they created a series of impressive 4-meter-tall arches that engage in a rhythmic and balanced dialogue with the original colonnade of the building. The result is a perfect blend of old and new elements that transport viewers to a bustling piazza del mercato from a bygone era, but with a chic and contemporary twist. The arches are constructed of Metalleido from Abet Laminati, with attached decorative sheets in porphyry from Arpa Industriale. The other elements of the composition, a cabinet and a bench, are made of Lisocore and wooden veneers from Decospan, respectively, while the bar tables are made of grey MDF from Unilin.

The installation’s neutral tones evoke a sense of calmness and simplicity and are designed to counteract the excess and chaos of today’s world.

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