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Blok by Carina was inspired by the chiaroscuro technique for the ‘Obscure’ project showcased at Masterly – The Dutch in Milano in 2021. The aim was to use innovative design to showcase the diversity of board materials to the outside world. The ‘Obscure’ collection features multiple unique pieces integrated into her interior and was created to inspire design professionals.

Riezebos’ fascination with chiaroscuro began at a young age when she received a cardboard pinhole camera as a gift. The technique is used in painting, photography, and film to highlight people or things by contrasting light and dark. In ‘Obscure’, Riezebos displays the wealth of opportunities behind decorative and constructive materials.

Blok by Carina uses striking light and dark contrast, with black playing a starring role as the bearer of light, to indirectly create semi-circular and square room dividers from a range of veneers, including the mellow Yaya and the distinctive Eucalyptus. The Decospan and Unilin Evola collections provide natural dark tints, while the Shinokki walnut veneer background creates a calm atmosphere with a striking interplay of shadows.

The deep black burned oak board is used as flooring with CNC machined organic shapes surrounding long-pile carpet growing through like grass. The interior also features a black upholstered couch with a frame made of unique veneer and burned oak backboard.

‘Trays of Shade’ is a modern version of a timeless item created from various veneered platters and dishes, which fit perfectly together. The tray has the appearance of natural wood, alternating walnut veneer with Yaya and Swamp Oak, and features a mouth-blown glass vase.

The Nindoodem coffee table comprises mouth-blown glass with dark veneer and is right on trend. The structure and color provided by nature are highlighted in the finished design.

The interior is decorated with a modern glass tulip vase in mouth-blown glass and HPL, a contemporary take on the more classic work of Artist Ettore Sottsass.

Product Photos © Frieda Mellema


Concept Photos and Video © Fotostudio Ziezo


Choreography © Isabelle Beernaert




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