Pieces for Conversation

International Project

‘Pieces for Conversation’ is an art installation designed by Blok by Carina. The installation aims to provide a magical sacred space for visitors to express their emotions, fears, horrors, and love. It encourages the audience to engage in ‘energy dialogue,’ where no verbal or physical communication is allowed. The inspiration behind the project is the Artist Marina Abramovic’s performance at MOMA New York.

The installation comprises unique tables named ‘Eros,’ ‘Giorgio,’ ‘Sophia & Loren,’ ‘Ferruccio,’ and a majestic chandelier named ‘Luciana.’ The tables act as a metaphor for the dialogue between visitors, where they can share their stories, thoughts, love, and respect. The table ‘Eros’ is made of FENIX from manufacturer Arpa Industriale, mouth-blown glass, and Homapal metal.

The chandelier ‘Luciana’ brightens up the chapel-like space with its antique crystal-like design, created using wood, HPL, and LED lights. The installation was presented at Palazzo Francesco Turati during the Masterly – The Dutch in Milano event in 2022. Visitors can feel safe and share a piece of their minds in this captivating space, as the installation title suggests.

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