Sugar & Spice


Sugar & Spice is the appropriate title of the spatial arrangement that refers to the richness of the Golden Age. Designer and art director Carina Riezebos transformed the heyday in which Dutch merchants took back spices and precious fabrics, into an adventurous experience, a world full of colors, materials and textures.

Eye-catchers in the large space of the Dutch pavilion Masterly, are the richly decorated walls with golden geometric patterns inlaid with cutted and polished glass that are lit from behind with atmospheric light. Hanging beads in the same octagonal pattern revolve around their axis and play a lively game of movement, color, shadow and light.

When in the Golden Age the adventurous Dutch ruled the world’s seas and trade and brought back valuable new materials, fabrics and colorful spices from the Far East, a new LIFESTYLE was created. The richness of styles of the East and the West that mixed in this period of flourishes, Riezebos translates into a mix of oriental decorative patterns, chic white lace collars and the Dutch light as the seventeenth century master painter Rembrandt managed to capture.